Coins, Currency and Bullion

We have a small selection of Coins and Bullion for sale, these items are not on display as our turn around is very rapid. Stop in and ask for Jackie, she will be happy to show you what items are available or help you locate what you're looking for. With 20+ years in the market we can help you find exactly what you need.

We Buy Coins

At some point in most people’s lives they are left an old shoebox (or more) of old coins from a relative with little or no information of value.

Whether you need us to evaluate a single coin or an entire collection, you can be sure you will come away with a better understating of what you have.

We are always buying:

  • U.S. Silver dollars 1935 and prior
  • U.S. Half dollars 1964 and prior
  • U.S. Kennedy half dollars 1965 – 1970
  • U.S. Quarters 1964 and Prior
  • U.S. Dimes 1964 and Prior
  • U.S. Nickels – Jefferson war 1942-1945, Buffalo, V Liberty and Shield
  • U.S. Pennies – Lincoln Wheat, Indian Head, Flying Eagle, Large Cent
  • U.S. Type coins - Barber, Seated Liberty, Capped Bust, Flowing Hair, Half Cent, 2 Cent, silver/nickel 3 Cent, Half Dime

  • Any and ALL Gold Coins U.S. and Foreign
  • Foreign coins- Silver, Gold, clad, mint and proof sets
  • Franklin Mint coins, Commemorative coins/sets, Medallions, Tokens, etc…
  • Gold or Silver Bullion – Rounds and Bars
  • OLD U.S. and Foreign Currency / Paper Money

Paying more for Slabbed / Graded Coins, Better-dated coins, High grade coins.

Visit for a rare date list.